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Varna, Bulgaria

It all started in 2001 with our very own website – We quickly became one of the leading tech sites worldwide and growing at such a pace certainly had its challenges. One thing was certain – our team had to spend a huge amount of resources towards our ad setup if we were to keep up. So, we started testing every major monetization product on the market. When we finally found the right path, we immediately wanted to share our expertise with other publishers and in 2013 that endeavor took on a life of its own. That’s how PubGalaxy was born. Today, we’re in the advertising business and our team is trusted by some of the major publishers as their monetization partner. Yet, we still think like a publisher because we lived as one. PubGalaxy fuels sustainable business growth for independent website publishers. We are a reliable partner offering products and services to grow the revenue of 300+ websites (e.g.,, which has 60M monthly visits). This includes working hand in hand and head to head with the likes of Google, which means a lot of challenging work and many opportunities for growth.

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