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Sofia, Bulgaria

GemSeek is an award-winning Customer Experience services leader working with multi-billion revenue clients worldwide. Our clients across sectors including telecommunications, healthcare, consumer, insurance & retail have seen customer acquisition, lifetime value and loyalty significantly increase. The proven return on investment for partnering with GemSeek establishes long-lasting relationships with our clients. 1. Predict customer behaviour and grow business with CX Data Science Our award-winning Predictive NPS™ model helps global Telecom leaders Vodafone and Liberty Global retain high volumes of customers each year. We automatically identify unhappy customers up to 30x faster than traditional models and provide customer service agents with real-time opportunities to save them. 2. Improve your strategy with CX Research & Insights We are recognized as a world leader in Healthcare CX. Today GemSeek works with 4 of the leading 5 global MedTech organisations with projects in over 50 countries. Beyond healthcare we work with clients across many verticals creating better than ever understanding of consumers, market dynamics and competitors. 3. mprove customer satisfaction and business results with CX Analytics GemSeek can bring structure to your existing research and data to discover new patterns, drivers and opportunities to grow your business. We have proven analytics solutions ready to deploy to help customers answer their most pressing questions and act in the moment. 4. Listen to your all customers with CX Feedback Platforms Our team deploys market leading SAAS CX platforms worldwide taking care of the set-up of Voice of the Customer / NPS feedback solutions. With presence in London and Sofia, Bulgaria we bring highly-skilled professionals with rich tech and research experience including insight & analytics, project management, data visualization, development, text analytics, data science and more working as the right-hand of client teams.

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