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NEW HIGHERS JSC, UIC 206725192, Tel: +359 87 8577759 .; e-mail:, is the administrator of the personal data provided in the online platform and the mobile application nPloy Please read this document carefully. It contains the Terms of Access to and Use of the Mobile Application of (the “Terms”). If you do not accept the Terms stated here, it is not possible to use the Site! Use of the Services available without registration will be deemed to be an expression of consent to these Terms. In connection with the Services provided, NPLOY.NET processes personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy ("Policy"), which you can read here. The policy is an integral part of these Terms. Update date: May 20, 2018


1.1. “NEW HIGHERS” JSC with trademark NPLOY (No. 017904120 / EUIPO) ("NPLOY.NET" / "We" / "Us") with registered office: Blvd. Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev №44, Sofia 1124, UIC: 206725192 provided by website and mobile application ("Site" and "Mobile Application") of individuals - end users ("Candidates" / "You") free information society services ("Services"). The services include opportunities to search for vacancies, create and save CVs and files, send applications and more.

1.2.In order to use the Services, you guarantee that you have reached the age of 18 and are capable of concluding a contract. NPLOY.NET is not responsible in case of use of the Services by a person who does not meet the specified age and legal capacity restrictions.

1.3.The use of part of the Services is possible only with registration. The registration is done in person, and registration on behalf of other persons is not allowed. Upon registration you are required to fill in the required fields in the registration form (name, email address, etc.). You declare that you meet the requirements of item 1.2.

1.4.You agree to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date registration information and to maintain it. In case of inaccuracy in the data, you are not entitled to use the Services until its removal.

1.5.You are responsible for all actions performed through your account using your username and password. You agree to notify NPLOY.NET immediately in the event of unauthorized or probable access.

Conclusion of a contract

2.1.By clicking on the "Registration" button and confirming the registration email you have received, you make an electronic statement by which you enter into a contract with Us under these Terms and undertake to comply with them. Before clicking the "Register" button, you have the opportunity to view and edit the information you provided. You accept that the electronic statements to NPLOY.NET and the electronic statements from NPLOY.NET to you will be considered signed with a simple electronic signature in accordance with Art. 3 (10) of Regulation (EU) № 910/2014, by hand signature. The authorship of these statements will be established by the order of art. 13, para. 1 in connection with art. 13, para. 4, assoc. 2nd of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services (“ZEDEUU”).

2.2.Some of the Services are provided without the need for registration. In such cases, the consent to these Terms is expressed with the very beginning of the use of the Services.

2.3.In connection with the provided Services, communication between you and NPLOY.NET via e-mail is required. According to Art. 5 of ZEDEUU You agree to be the addressee of electronic statements from NPLOY.NET in electronic form.

Use of the Services and content on the Site and the mobile application

3.1 The site allows for the publication of vacancy announcements by Employers. The advertisements and their content are entirely the responsibility of the Employer from whom they were published. The mobile application allows you to apply for ads published on the site. When you apply, your application automatically reaches the Employer's account at NPLOY.NET. For ads with an external link, the application is made on an external site for which NPLOY.NET is not responsible.

You decide which ads and which Employers to send your applications to. For this purpose, before applying, we recommend that you look for more information about the Employer in the mobile application itself, as well as from other sources.

3.2.NPLOY.NET is not an intermediary and does not participate in any way in the selection of candidates or subsequent communication and negotiation of terms between the parties. Decisions about what information to send, what contractual relationships you wish to enter into and under what conditions are entirely your responsibility. NPLOY.NET is not a party to this relationship and therefore, in case you believe that the Employer does not comply with the agreed conditions and / or his actions are not in accordance with the law, it is necessary to notify the competent state authorities in whose competences and powers is to carry out the relevant inspections and take action against the Employer. Use of the Services is at your own risk and responsibility.

3.3.You may not use, in any way, copy, modify or distribute content that does not belong to you for purposes other than or incompatible with the use of the Services and the purpose of the mobile application without the express prior written consent of NPLOY .NET and / or relevant third parties.

3.4.The published contacts of Employers and / or their Representatives may be used only for their intended purpose, namely in connection with applying for advertised positions. You agree not to use these contacts for any other reason.

3.5.You agree not to interfere with the normal operation of the technical or software applications and computer systems of NPLOY.NET or the users of the Site and the Mobile Application through bad faith actions.

Creating and storing resumes, files, etc. information

4.1.The Mobile Application allows you to create and / or save professional CVs, files, etc. information that you can send, at your discretion, to Employers on advertisements published by them.

4.2.The documents stored in the Mobile Application are available only to you. When applying and being liked by an employer, your information is available only from Employers with whom you have had a “like”. When you send / apply for / on your application, it automatically reaches the Employer's account.

4.3.You warrant that you have the right to use the content you store in your account or send to others through the Mobile Application, and that it does not violate these Terms or the law. If this is not the case, you are liable for any damages resulting from it to third parties and / or NPLOY.NET.

4.4.The information that you store in your account and / or send to others through the Mobile Application may not contain: (a) non-application advertising content, (b) materials that violate or disregard the rights or legitimate interests of third parties , including fundamental human rights, intellectual property rights, etc .; damage the good name, insult a third party or reveal a secret protected by law.

Account termination

5.1.Your account may be closed in the following cases:

(a) at any time, at your request (through the functionality in the Mobile Application),

(b) in case of a long period of non-use of the account (more than 5 years);

(c)in case of suspicion of violation by you of these Terms, of other conditions provided in the Site, the Mobile Application or in the law,

(d) in other cases, at the discretion of NPLOY.NET, with prior notice.

5.2.Your account may be blocked in the following cases:

(a) in case of suspicion of violation of these Terms, other conditions provided for in the Site or the law,

(b) upon request by a competent public authority;

(c) request on your part, if there is a good reason for it.

5.3.Upon closing an account and terminating the contract, the data stored in the Mobile Application are deleted. This includes both the data in your account and applications submitted by you in the accounts of Employers on the Site (at the time of closing).

After closing the account, all data, part of it, is deleted. In connection with our obligations, responsibilities and requirements of the law for a period of up to 1 / one / year are stored:

- In order to resolve possible disputes that have arisen or become known after the termination of the agreement for the use of the Services, for a period of 1 / one / year after the termination of the account information about its conclusion is stored. See section "Shelf life".

-Due to the fact that sending an application is sending an electronic statement by you to the employer, according to ZEDEUU we have the obligation to maintain a log of the fact of sending the statement (without its content) for a period of 1 / one / year. The log contains the date of the statement, name and email address of the sender and identification of the recipient.

The data shall be deleted completely after the expiry of the specified period. In the meantime, they may be provided only in due course to the competent state authorities in the exercise of their supervisory powers or to a competent court in the event of legal proceedings in which they are relevant. In the event of a legal dispute or proceedings requiring the retention of data and / or a request from a competent state authority, it is possible to retain data for longer than the specified periods until the final conclusion of the dispute or proceedings before all instances.

5.4.Before closing your account, if you wish, you have the opportunity to download and save data contained in it, through the provided functionality.

5.5.Upon termination of the contract according to the cases provided for in item 5.1, NPLOY.NET does not take responsibility for lost profits and / or damages from the inability to use the Services after closing the account.


6.1. NPLOY.NET reserves the right to add new Services, modify or remove existing Services without prior notice.

6.2.These Terms may be changed in connection with the development, addition of new, change or termination of Services or legislative changes. When making changes, they will be brought to your knowledge and published here.

6.3.Due to the fact that the Services can be used only in accordance with the current Terms, in case you do not agree with them, we do not have the technical ability to provide you with the Services in the Mobile Application. If you do not agree to the Terms, you must not use the Mobile Application. If you wish, you have the opportunity to close your account and terminate the contract at any time.


7.1.Except in case of intent or gross negligence, NPLOY.NET shall not be liable for damages and lost profits resulting from:

(a) use or inability to use the Mobile Application and / or the Services;

(b) deletion or blocking of your account; and / or your content in accordance with these Terms.

7.2.The contract is concluded in Bulgarian. Disputes under these Terms will be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court in Sofia.

7.3.In the event that any of the clauses of these Terms proves to be invalid, this will not invalidate other clauses.

7.4.The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to unsettled issues.