Senior Data Engineer

10000 - 15000 RON


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Home office

Home office

Regular employment / Remote Work

2 - 5 years of experience

Full Time

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania


General role:

Contribute to the business value of Data-oriented products based on on-premise Datalake or on cloud environments, by implementing end-to-end data processing chains, from ingestion to API exposure and data visualization.

General responsibility: Quality of data transformed in the Datalake, proper functioning of data processing chains and optimization of the use of resources of on-premise or cloud clusters by data processing chains

General skills: Experience in the implementation of end-to-end data processing chains and Big data architectures in the Cloud (GCP) mastery of languages ​​and frameworks for the processing of massive data in particular in Streaming Mode (Beam DataFlow , Java, Spark / Scala / DataProc). Practice agile methods.


You will set up end-to-end data processing chains in cloud environments and in a devops culture, You will work on brand new products, for a wide variety of functional areas (Engineering, Connected vehicle, Manufacturing, IoT, Commerce, Quality, Finance), with a solid team to support you.

Main responsibilities

  • During the definition of the project
  • Design of data ingestion chains
  • Design of data preparation chains
  • Design of basic ML algorithms
  • Data product design
  • Design of NOSQL data models
  • Data visualization design
  • Participation in the selection of services / solutions to be used according to usage
  • Participation in the development of a data toolbox

During the iterative realization phase

  • Implementation of data ingestion chains
  • Implementation of data preparation chains
  • Implementation of basic ML algorithms
  • Implementation of data visualizations
  • Use of ML framework
  • Implementation of data products
  • Exhibition of data products
  • Configuration of NOSQL databases
  • Distributed processing implementation
  • Use of functional languages
  • Debugging distributed processing and algorithms
  • Identification and cataloging of reusable items
  • Contribution to the evolution of work standards
  • Contribution and advice on data processing problems

During integration and deployment

  • Participation in problem solving

During serial life

  • Participation in the monitoring of Operations
  • Participation in problem solving


  • Expertise in the implementation of end-to-end data processing chains
  • Mastery of distributed development
  • Basic knowledge and interest in the development of ML algorithms
  • Knowledge of ingestion frameworks
  • Knowledge of Beam and its different execution modes on DataFlow
  • Knowledge of Spark and its different modules
  • Mastery of Java (+ Scala and Python)
  • Knowledge of the GCP ecosystem DataProc, DataFlow, BigQuery, Pub-Sub, PostgreSQL/Composer, Cloud Functions, StackDriver)
  • Knowledge of the use of Solace
  • Knowledge of Spotfire & Dynatrace
  • Knowledge of the ecosystem of NOSQL databases
  • Knowledge in building data product APIs
  • Knowledge of Dataviz tools and libraries
  • Ease in debugging Beam (+ Spark) and distributed systems
  • Popularization of complex systems
  • Control of the use of data notebooks
  • Expertise in data testing strategies
  • Strong problem-solving skills, intelligence, initiative and ability to resist pressure
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and great communication skills (ability to go into detail)

Required skills

Machine Learning
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