Специалист клиентски запитвания по имейл и чат с немски и английски език

Консултант Клиентски Запитвания по Чат и Имейл с Италиански Език

iGaming Platform Coordinator with Italian (non-voice)

Chat and Email Support Representitive with Italian

Order Management Specialist with Dutch

Sales Agent with German ONLY (New company)

Специалист Продажби САМО с Немски език (Нова Компания)

Customer support representative with Italian and English

Order & Request Specialist with Dutch

Order & Request Specialist with German

Insurance policy administrator with German language

Travel guard assistance coordinator with German and English language

Customer Support with English (No experience required)

Customer Experience Representative (English)

Customer Service Representative with English (hybrid)

Client Support Representative with English

Administrative Support Specialist (German-speaking)