Equity Trader

8000 - 10000 BGN (net)

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We don't just hire you, we train you. Once you've completed your training, the first six to nine months will be tough. So we need people with staying power. Put in the work, use your brain, and the results will come. Discipline, competitiveness, patience, resilience, a growth mindset are some characteristics that portray an outperforming trader.


- Bachelor degree or last year students in Finance, Applied Mathematics,Statistics,Business, Engineering,Computer science, Software engineering, Economic sciences, Tech.
- Competitiveness, ambition
- Excellent English
- Multitasking
- Absorb lots of information
- Intuition
- Adapt to risk and maintain stress
- Entrepreneurial personality
- Fast analytical decision maker
- Working time = 15:00 - 23:00(Monday - Friday)

We offer

- Way more than a Job
- Mentorship program, strong leadership
- Broad experience
- Access to the fastest platform on the market
- Access to the biggest financial markets on earth NYSE, NASDAQ
- Sky is the limit

Required skills

Analytical Skills
Attention to Detail
Capital Markets


Annual bonuses
Home office
Performance-based bonuses
Sports card
Team buildings